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The Minnesota House has approved a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage. Voters in the 2012 election will now decide whether the definition of marriage should be defined as “one man and one woman” in the Minnesota Constitution.

Republicans Steve Smith, Rich Murray, Tim Kelly and John Kriesel voted against the amendment. Democrats Lyle Koenen and Denise Dittrich voted for it. Democrats David Dill and Bobby Jo Champion did not vote. Read the Roll Call here.

Tidbit: Take a look at the Twitter feed of MPR’s Tim Nelson to get a feel for what was said during the debate.

The campaign has already started on the amendment. Minnesota United For All Families was organized to work against the passage of the amendment.

The Minnesota Family Council and the Catholic Church are expected to campaign heavily to convince voters to pass the amendment.

MPR’s News Cut blog takes a look at how the ad campaign could look in Minnesota by posting ads that ran in Maine.

The House vote came just one day after a controversial pastor was allowed to give the Friday morning prayer before the House. The prayer prompted GOP House Speaker Kurt Zellers to make a rare apology from the House floor.

The GOP scrubbed mention of the prayer in the House Journal.


Gov. Dayton has a 2pm meeting scheduled with GOP legislative leaders.

The House and Senate are holding rare Sunday floor sessions.

The two sides are still far apart on a budget deal. Dayton says the GOP is not moving on revenue. The GOP says Dayton isn’t negotiating the particulars of the budget they sent him (which he says he’ll veto).

Several GOP lawmakers started preparing for a government shutdown by proposing “lights on” bills that would keep government running beyond July 1.

Tidbit: Lawmakers are saying they think a budget deal can still be reached but the oxygen has been sucked out of negotiations since Tuesday.

Hospital officials and other educators say cuts in the Health and Human Services budget bill could lead to a doctor shortage in rural Minnesota.

Voter ID

The House passed a bill that would require voters to present photo identification in order to vote. The bill is now on its way to Gov. Dayton who has suggested that he will veto it.


The Legislaure is also sending two bills to Gov. Dayton that would restrict abortion. His veto is likely and the House and Senate don’t have enough support for an override.


The House failed to pass a bonding bill that focused on flood mitigation.

The owner of the St. Paul Saints says he’s hopeful for a new stadium for his team.

Under the Dome

The Star Tribune reports that MPR may have to compete for Legacy Funding. Full disclosure alert: MPR already receives money from the sales tax collection dedicated to The Arts. Culture, the Environment and the Outdoors.

The PoliGraph says GOP House Speaker Kurt Zellers is wrong about professor pay. Zellers has said he misunderstood a story headline he saw about the issue.

An ethics complaint was filed against GOP Sen. Gretchen Hoffman for comments she made on Twitter. Hoffman says her tweet was “understandable.”

The Senate passed an illegal immigration program with little scrutiny.

The Pi Press says some state government workers are preparing to retire.

Race for President

Indiana Gov. Mitch Daniels will not run for president.

The decision means the race could focus mostly on Mitt Romney and Tim Pawlenty. It could also mean that Republicans could look, as AP suggests, for an alternative like New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to run. Christie has said he will not run.

Tidbit: Watch Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

South St. Paul won’t get its close-up. Gov. Pawlenty will make his official announcement for president in Iowa not his hometown.

The Des Moines Register says GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann may make her announcement when she’s in Iowa on Thursday night.

Bachmann is making robocalls into Iowa and South Carolina that focus on President Obama’s comments on Israel.

Bachmann spoke in Ohio over the weekend.

Romney will be in Iowa on Friday.

Former Utah Gov. John Huntsman campaigned in New Hampshire.

A GOP presidential debate is scheduled to be held in Iowa – just a month before the Caucuses.

  • Michael Moschogianis

    Can this really be true that abortion will be limited to Gov. Dayton? It seems restrictive. But then, again, perhaps a moot point.

    Or perhaps the following sentence from the ‘Abortion’ section of today’s Daily Digest was constructed poorly. See below:

    “The Legislaure is also sending two bills that would restrict abortion to Gov. Dayton. His veto is likely and neither has enough support for an override.”

  • Tom Scheck

    We’re doing the best we can to keep you updated as we work around the clock.

    We’ll fix.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Kudos to Republicans Steve Smith, Rich Murray, Tim Kelly and John Kriesel, who voted against the lockstep bigotry of their party. History will celebrated their standing boldly against this Dred Scott-like decision by a Republican Party that regularly punishes its members for their independent thought and principled actions.