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Gov. Dayton will have some reading to do on the boat this weekend. Dayton, who is leaving today to attend the Governor’s Annual Fishing Opener near Grand Rapids, will be able to read some of the details of the GOP budget if he’s not doing so well on the lake. (Note: The Pi Press interviews Dayton about the Fishing Opener and how Dayton thinks he “repels fish.”

Conference committees have started piecing together some of the specifics on the budget.

GOP legislative leaders refused to give any details on Thursday but some of the targets have been released or are expected to be released over the next few days.

Tidbit: The GOP budget targets will allow Gov. Dayton and lawmakers to begin negotiating but the main issue of Dayton’s push for more revenue is still at odds with the GOP position of no new revenue.

Here are some of the particulars of the targets (that have been released at this point):

The HHS bill spends $10.8 billion and is roughly $1 billion short of Governor Dayton’s proposal. The GOP backed off a plan to recoup savings from a federal health waiver.

Here’s the Higher Ed target.

It appears that the State Government Finance target is close to the House proposal at $600 million.

The Transportation Conference Committee cuts $7 million in transit funding to Greater Minnesota and makes $100 million in cuts to Metro Transit.

Mayors and school officials are criticizing the K12 bill.

A push to eliminate General Assistance shocks advocates for the homeless.

Several Minnesota State University, Mankato students walked from Mankato to St. Paul to highlight cuts to higher education.

Proposal to Ban Same Sex Marriage

The Star Tribune Poll says a majority of those polled (55%) are opposed to amending the constitution to ban same sex marriage.

The PoliGraph says GOP Sen. Warren Limmer’s claim about gay marriage is based on a biased source.

Under the Dome

The House will take up the redistricting bill that redraws the state’s congressional maps.

The Senate will take up the Liquor Bill and the Energy Policy bill.

PUC Commissioner Ellen Anderson failed to get confirmation approval from a Senate committee. The committee voted to send Anderson’s confirmation to the full Senate without recommendation.

A rally over a health insurance exchange showcases a rift within the GOP.

80 state lawmakers sign on to a friend of the court brief challenging the federal health care law.

The Twin Cities’ top cops criticize a plan to expand gun rights in the state.

The MPCA says farmers are responsible for the sediment choking Lake Pepin.

A rally for the protection of wild rice will be held near Gov. Dayton’s fishing opener.

Vikings Stadium

MPR says state lawmakers are holding a bad hand when it comes to the stadium.

St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman is not ready to back the Vikings stadium plan in Ramsey County.

The chair of the Metropolitan Sports Facilities Commission says the Ramsey County plan has a funding gap.

Here’s the fine print of the Vikings stadium deal.

Pollution at the Arden Hills site needs to be cleaned up.


Several oil executives defended their federal tax breaks during a Congressional hearing but said they’d give them up if there was a bigger overhaul of the code.

Those executives also say opening up more federal land and allowing for offshore drilling will help lower gas prices.

President Obama requests two more years for the FBI chief.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz and GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen back an offshore expansion bill.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachman viewed the photos of Osama Bin Laden’s corpse.

GOP Rep. John Kline declined to view the photos. “Looking at the picture doesn’t make him any deader,” he said.

Kline also laid out the next steps on K12 issues.


An AIDS breakthrough has been reported.

Race for U.S. Senate

State Sen. Dave Thompson, R-Lakeville, says he’s thinking about challenging DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Klobuchar is holding a fundraiser at a Glee! concert.

Race for Congress

Democrats Tarryl Clark and Jeff Anderson went to Washington D.C. for candidate training. Both are vying to challenge GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack.

Race for President

Tim Pawlenty will be in Iowa this weekend.

MPR says Pawlenty is making a particular focus on foreign policy. An issue that changed dramatically after Osama Bin Laden was killed.

The Wall St. Journal says Pawlenty is attracting wealthy donors.

Mitt Romney says the health care law should be repealed. He made the comments during a speech that focused on the federal health care law and a similar law he passed in Massachusetts.

Mitch Daniels continues to flirt with the race.

  • LK

    Have any of the spreadsheets from last night’s conference committees been posted online yet?

  • Alison

    “A push to eliminate General Assistance shocks advocates for the homeless.”

    Brought to you by the party of Christian values.