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The Vikings and Ramsey County reached a deal on a new Vikings stadium. The plan could have some hiccups at the Legislature as lawmakers express skepticism of the state’s share.

St. Paul would become the state’s most expensive city to shop if the Vikings stadium plan is approved.

The Senate will vote on a constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage today.

Gov. Dayton renews his call for Republican lawmakers to wrap up their budget.

Tidbit: Expect GOP leaders to release conference committee targets sometime in the next two days.

The K12 Conference Committee appears to have a preliminary agreement.

St. Paul schools will see a $25 million shortfall if the GOP plan is enacted.

Is Gov. Dayton trying to have it both ways on casino gambling? At a Tuesday news conference, Dayton said he was open to all forms of revenue to balance the budget. But Dayton told members of the Minnesota American Indian Chamber of Commerce that “his proposed budget didn’t include raising revenue through new casinos, and he preferred that the Republican-controlled Legislature didn’t include such measures either.” Dayton also openly campaigned on building a state owned and operated casino.

Dayton is also planning an American Indian business summit.

The Minnesota House approved a plan that redraws the state’s congressional maps.

The Minnesota House paved the way for the Surly Brewery expansion.

A House panel approves a $28 million flood prevention bill.

Somalis and the Minnesota Health Department are at odds over autism and vaccines.

The Minnesota Senate votes to cover the 2010 recount costs.


Apple and Google were in the spotlight in a Congressional hearing chaired by DFL Sen. Al Franken.

Franken discussed mobile privacy with the Washington Post.

President Obama mocked the GOP position on immigration.

The Washington Post checks to see how much Obama has done on border security.

3M’s CEO was pressed on the company’s political donations.

President Obama declared twenty Minnesota counties disaster areas as a result of flooding.

GOP Rep. John Kline is expected to start releasing the first round of K12 bills this week.

Kline and DFL Rep. Collin Peterson were the best shots in their respective caucuses.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum says the Stillwater bridge plan overlooks congestion.

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen is going to put forward a bill that increases the number of safe truck parking spots across the country.

Race for President

Vice-President Joe Biden will attend a private fundraiser in Minneapolis today.

Tidbit: The fundraiser will be held at a home in Kenwood. Gov. Dayton owned the home years ago.

The Daily Caller says GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann will announce her run for president during a trip to Iowa on May 26th.

Tim Pawlenty will speak at a Reagan Birthday party in Iowa.

Politico says the IRS is looking strongly at enforcing a “gift tax” that could force the wealthy to take a big tax hit if they give to anonymous 501c4s.

  • Roger

    If I am St Paul councilperson I better be up in arms at the move by the County and Mr. Bennet. Downtown is struggling enough as it is and additional costs to buy a beer or dinner will leave many shopping in the burbs. Grand Ave., Highland Village, University Ave and other small business people should be raising hell because they will be paying for this Arden Hills Taj Mahal.