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It sure feels like the Minnesota Legislature is headed for a special session. There’s no urgency to wrap up their budget work and GOP legislative leaders and Gov. Dayton are still quibbling on the best way to even start negotiating.

On Wednesday, Gov. Dayton is calling on GOP lawmakers to pick up the pace on the budget.

Listen to Dayton’s newser here.

Dayton told the Star Tribune he would rather go to a special session than agree to their budget plan.

Tidbit: The House put its redistricting plan and Voter ID on the calendar for today. That means the House can vote on the bills as early as today.

A House Committee takes up the Racino bill today. A Senate Committee delayed hearing the bill on Wednesday.

Will a downtown Minneapolis casino help or hurt the city?

Tidbit: Dayton says he’s open to expanding gambling but wants to see the state get half of what’s collected.

GOP legislative leaders aren’t embracing gambling proposals.

House Majority Leader Matt Dean apologized to author Neil Gaiman for the tone but not the content regarding Gaiman’s speaking fees.

Gaiman took aim at Dean’s initial comments on Twitter.

Republicans explained their change to Legacy Funding.

The Senate Judiciary Committee sent the e-ticket bill back to Commerce Committee for more work.

The Pi Press quotes DFL Rep. Rick Hanson as saying he predicts lawsuits will be filed over the changes to how Legacy Funds are spent. Disclaimer: MPR receives Legacy Fund money.

Legislators released a stadium plan for the St. Paul Saints.


House Republicans concede that a deal on Medicare is unlikely.

President Obama will attend a service at the World Trade Center site this morning. He will not speak at the event.

Obama tells 60 Minutes that he will not release photos of Bin Laden’s death.

A plan to replace the Stillwater bridge inches forward.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz takes aim at a tax break for yachts.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison is calling for a troop drawdown in Afganistan.

The PoliGraph says GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack claims on Medicare lack key details.

Race for President

The Washington Post says the first GOP presidential debate will be distiguished more by who isn’t there than by who is there.

MPR says the debate could be a turning point for Pawlenty.

Pawlenty and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann are at the bottom of a poll of New Hampshire GOP voters.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Matt Dean’s “apology,” but not really, isn’t surprising. Dean’s “pencil-necked little weasel” cheap shot at Neil Gaiman was exactly what Gaiman says it was, a bully’s demeaning reference to an intellectual. Matt, you were the tough guy who pushed us up against the fence and took our lunch money in junior high school, and you haven’t changed a bit.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Pawlenty and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann are at the bottom of a poll of New Hampshire GOP voters

    Well, actually Bachmann is near the bottom and Pawlenty is at the bottom. Pawlenty’s campaign has been DBA (Dead Before Arrival) for months. Did I forget to mention that? I’ll send Governor Bridge Collapse a memo.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Richard D’Amico, whose D’Amico Cucina was a block from the present Block E when it was built in 2002, had a great comment at the time. The only good thing about the cheaply-built eyesore (I’m paraphrasing), D’Amico said, was that it would be easy to demolish. Turning a cheesy entertainment center into a cheesy casino won’t remove the cheese.

  • Vicki

    Let’s just hope Bachmann is laughed out of all the GOP nominees. She is a liar and all her efforts to be seen as knowledgeable fall flat when she is a psycho who lies when she is talking.