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President Obama made a late night announcement to tell the American people that U.S. military forces killed Osama Bin Laden. The raid occurred at a compound in Pakistan.

You can watch President Obama’s address here.

Tidbit: Bin Laden’s body was buried at sea.

Here’s reaction from Minnesota’s congressional delegation and Tim Pawlenty, a candidate for the White House.

Under the Dome

There are three weeks until the constitutional deadline to adjourn and there has been little to no progress on a budget resolution. In fact, Republicans aren’t moving off of their budget plan that Gov. Dayton says doesn’t balance. Only one conference committee, K12 finance, is scheduled to meet today.

Tidbit: GOP Sen. Majority Leader Amy Koch says they will pass a budget before May 23rd irregardless of whether they reach an agreement with Gov. Dayton.

The House takes up a proposed constitutional amendment to ban same sex marriage. The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the amendment on Monday.

Tidbit: Last year Democrats in the Minnesota House are pointing out that the House and Senate (controlled by Democrats at the time) passed their budget plans by the end of this week. Expect them to point that out to Republicans who started taking a victory lap about the pace of their work a month ago. Only the Ag budget bill has been passed by a conference committee and signed into law.

Republicans in the Minnesota House will release their redistricting plan in committee on Tuesday.

Race for President

It helps to be the only candidate campaigning in Iowa. The Washington Post says several influential Republicans are looking at backing Pawlenty’s campaign.

GOP Rep. Pat Garofalo owns the rights to and He told MPR News that he’s been offered money for the domain rights but will give them to Pawlenty’s campaign for free.

The Washington Post takes a look at GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s long-shot White House bid.

Bachmann was on Fox News Sunday. Here’s the transcript.

Bachmann used the Holocaust to illustrate a tax point.

Tweet of the Day

“So I’m told by a reputable person they have killed Osama Bin Laden. Hot damn.”

– Keith Urban, former spokesman to Donald Rumsfeld. He was the first person to leak the news that Bin Laden was killed.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Erik Paulsen is such a wimp.

    He thanks everybody BUT President Obama for running down Osama bin Laden. “American soldiers, sailors, Marines and airmen, intelligence officials, as well as their families.” No mention of the guy who called the shot. Erik, you’re definitely not ready for the Big Leagues.