Severson getting ready to run


Former state Rep. Dan Severson was seen at the State Capitol today with a film crew. Severson, who lost his Secretary of State run in 2010 to Democrat Mark Ritchie, didn’t tell MPR News why he was with a film crew earlier this morning. Instead he said he was going to make an announcement on Monday on the steps of the State Capitol. It’s expected that Severson is going to make a run for the U.S. Senate. A Draft Dan Severson for U.S. Senate was created on Facebook.

He also told the AP last month that he was seriously thinking about making a run against DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

  • Pete

    Good Luck with that. Minnesota rejected Severson statewide by a 2-to-1 margin. They’ll do it again, too.

  • rob

    Looks like the GOP has already crossed everyone off of the C-list and are on the D-list? Yikes.

  • Seth

    Would this be the same Dan Severson that said “We are not a democracy”?

  • bsimon

    “Good Luck with that. Minnesota rejected Severson statewide by a 2-to-1 margin. They’ll do it again, too.”

    Klobuchar beat Kennedy by more than that; is 3:1 within reach against Severson?

  • Chris

    Severson only lost to Ritchie by 49%-46%, so it’s not 2-to-1.

    Still, I agree with your principal point that he’s a weak candidate. All he knows how to do is play to his base in the most threatening way possible. At the GOP Convention last year, he went on stage wearing a bomber jacket with “Eye of the Tiger” blaring, and his speech was just ranting about bunch of assorted boogeymen (George Soros! ACORN! Obamacare! Black Panthers with billy clubs!) without any logical theme tying them together, or what they had to do with the Secretary of State’s job.

    Back in 2005, Severson was the chief author and floor manager of the anti-gay marriage amendment on the House floor, and was utterly unable to answer basic questions about what his amendment, which was only one sentence long, actually meant. Steve Simon went through a long set of questions about the “legal equivalent” of marriage, which Severson refused to answer. Then Phyllis Kahn asked him to define the difference between “man” and “woman”, which he was also unable to do. It got to the point when someone (it may have been Tom Emmer) got up in Severson’s defense and said, “Come on, guys, stop picking on him! He’s an honest, simple man! Stop befuddling him with your fancy-schmancy lawyer tricks!”

    Truly, this guy is top-flight material.

  • Tom

    Severson was an ineffective legislator more known for his tantrums and bullying than his ability to master issues and substance. Being angry is not leadership. If Severson is the best the Republicans can come up with, Klobuchar can stop campaigning in Minnesota now and spend the next 18 months helping candidates in other states.