Same Sex Marriage amendment: How they voted

The Minnesota Senate voted 38-27 to allow voters to decide in ’12 whether MN Constitution should be amended to ban same sex marriage. DFL Sen. Leroy Stumpf is the only Democrat to vote in favor of the measure.

Here’s a map of how the Senate voted. Click on the links to see how your Senator voted.

  • Defibrillator Mike

    guess what Lawrence J. Pogemiller, you just lost my vote.

  • Refibulator

    That’s cool Mike because he just gained mine.

  • mindbomb

    I feel that my traditional marriage is being threatened by Catholic priests buggering little boys, is there anything in the amendment that will put these Christian predators behind bars forever?

  • Concerned Carleton Student

    As a moderate/conservative member of the next generation, I can safely say that in 10 years those senators who voted in favor of this amendment will look incredibly foolish. My generation–both conservatives and liberals–are over this whole equality debate. When will Republicans realize that they are alienating their potential future voters?

  • David McDoogle

    Hey Mike, Pogemiller won with 78% of the vote last time. I don’t think he regrets losing your hate filled vote.

  • Paul

    Ted Lille never had my vote, but now he can be certain that I will do everything in my straight-but-not-narrow powers to get his thinking, open-minded opponent elected in his next election. Sadly, that doesn’t happen until 2016, so we still have several years of his hateful votes to look forward to.

  • danno

    Believe it or not, the legislature is elected to govern. If they are going to dump the job onto the general populace, they should return their salaries and per diem. The hard decisions to be made in government are not always popular, but the legislature msut make them anyway.

  • Susan

    You’re in luck, Paul. The entire Senate (and House) is up for re-election in the new districts in 2012. If you watched the debate, you saw only a couple of senators stand up to speak in favor. They are cowards, hoping to hoodwink a misinformed public into doing their dirty work.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    With quaint irony, the Republican Party that removed discrimination from the US Constitution 143 years ago, with the 14th Amendment, just voted to re-institute discrimination in the Minnesota Constitution.