Pawlenty off and running

Former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty announced for a second day in a row that he’s a candidate for president, with the news this time coming from him in person at a podium in Des Moines, IA.

Pawlenty first announced his campaign for the Republican nomination yesterday afternoon in an online video, trying to garner as much attention as possible.

Just as he did in the video, Pawlenty tore into President Obama during his speech in Des Moines saying, “In 2008, Barack Obama told us he would change America, and he has. In 2012, we will change America again, and this time, it will be for the better.”

Pawlenty warned of out of control federal spending and said to reduce the deficit and ultimately the national debt, popular entitlement programs including Social Security and Medicare need to be reformed. He even called for the phasing out of ethanol subsidies standing in the middle of Iowa corn country.

Following his speech Pawlenty held a brief question and answer session with the roughly 200 supporters who turned out.

A couple of blocks down the road representatives from the Democratic parties in Iowa and Minnesota held a news conference. Minnesota DFL Chair Ken Martin accused Pawlenty of lying about his record and bankrupting the state of Minnesota. Martin said Pawlenty’s record does not warrant a promotion. He said Pawlenty chose Iowa for his announcement because he was running from his record in Minnesota.

Tomorrow Pawlenty will be in Florida for a Facebook town hall forum. On Thursday he will be campaign in New Hampshire.

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