Pawlenty makes it official in video

From MPR’s Mark Zdechlik…

Tim Pawlenty will be formally launching his campaign for president tomorrow during a town hall meting in Des Moines, Iowa.

To promote the launch Pawlenty 2012 released a web video Sunday. In it, Pawlenty talks about the nation being in big trouble citing unemployment, the size of the debt and the rate of government spending.

“My first campaign stop will be in Iowa and that’s where I’m going to begin a campaign that tells the American people the truth,” Pawlenty said in the video. “I’m Tim Pawlenty and I’m running for president of the United States. I believe with all of my heart that the challenges we face can be over come.”

After his Iowa appearance, Pawlenty heads to Florida for Facebook town hall tomorrow. He’ll be in New Hampshire on Thursday.

The chair of the DFL Party will appear at an event in Des Moines with the vice chair of the Iowa Democratic Party to criticize Pawlenty. Several Democrats, including the spokeswoman for the DFL Party reacted negatively to Pawlenty’s video.

“Tpaw video leaves out that his “solution” for MN was $6.2b deficit & higher prop taxes for 90% of MNs. No room btwn action shots & balloons?,” DFL Party spokeswoman Kristin Sosanie wrote on Twitter.

Here’s the video:

Update: The DNC released this web video on Monday morning:

(Reporter Tom Scheck contributed to this report)

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Even with the Debbie Downer delivery, Pawlenty’s smarmy phoniness oozes through. Bridge Buster Tim is the Milli Vanilli of Presidential candidates.