Palin heads toward New Hampshire as Bachmann wraps up trip

Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is sounding more like a presidential candidate with each day. Bachmann says she’ll announce her 2012 intentions from her Waterloo, Iowa birthplace next month, but she’s already talking specifics about what she’s referring to as “my campaign.”

With former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin back in the news, Bachmann is also side stepping questions about what a Palin candidacy could mean for her.

“The person that I compare myself to is Barack Obama and I think that’s a very favorable comparison and that’s where I’m staying,” Bachmann told reporters Monday in Dover, N.H.

Comparisons between Bachmann and Palin are inescapable. Both are outspoken, photogenic, anti-establishment tea party heroes. There is growing debate over which one of them is in a stronger position to attract support in 2012.

Walter Egan of East Kingston, N.H., turned out to see Bachmann at an event on Memorial Day in Dover, and said he also planned to attend a Palin event later in the week.

“I’m looking for someone who’s going to stand to the Democrats. We just have to stop the spending,” said Egan.

Paul Butler of Dover, N.H. said he too is looking for a GOP candidate who will make what he calls “tough choices” to cut spending. Many New Hampshire Republicans say they feel snubbed by Palin who has not been a frequent visitor. Party insiders credit Bachmann for paying attention to their state.

Butler called Palin’s newfound interest in the northeast “interesting.”

“She’s kind of avoided this part of the country in the past,” said Butler. Butler said Palin has a lot of “bold and interesting ideas,” but he’s skeptical about her electability.

“I don’t know if she’s going to be able to successfully run against Obama. I think there’s a place in the race for her, to at least get some ideas out there,” said Butler. He said he didn’t know enough about Bachmann to whether he thought she would make a good GOP presidential candidate.

Sid Rose, who also turned out for the Dover event, said he was a big fan of Bachmann. Rose said Bachmann has considerable more charisma than other declared or prospective Republican candidates. Rose said he thinks Bachmann might be more respected than Palin.

“Palin’s best thing to do is to is to help the other candidates and give her support to them,” said Rose.

It’s unclear exactly when Palin will be in New Hampshire of what she will do there.

Palin is reportedly also planning to take her “One Nation” bus tour to Iowa. As in New Hampshire, some of her supporters there question the viability of her potential candidacy and think Bachmann would have a better shot of winning the GOP nomination.

  • Adam B. Colter

    I will support Palin if she runs!

  • manotick

    Mark this down

    Sarah will announce she is running July 4th

  • Johnny B

    Both of them running reminds me of when I had to get 2 teeth pulled when I was a kid. The dentist said I could do one and then the other later later. I told him let’s do them both at the same time and get it over with. That’s how I view these 2 running at the same time. We can get the pain of them both running over at the same time. That’s a plus!