Legislature sends Dayton a budget

The Republican controlled Legislature has passed all of its budget bills. The Senate wrapped up its work today after it passed the Higher Education budget bill, a Transportation budget and the Environment budget bill. The full $33.9 billion budget plan is now on its way to Governor Dayton who has said he will veto the spending bills and the tax bills.

Republican Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch says she’s holding out hope Dayton will reconsider. She said Republicans met their goal of erasing a $5 billion projected budget deficit without raising taxes.

“We’re very pleased and proud of this budget,” Koch said. “We did what we said we would do. We came here to balance the books and live within our means. That’s what this budget does.”

Dayton wants to raise income taxes on Minnesota’s top earners to balance the budget. He will be forced to call a special session if he can’t reach a budget deal with Republicans by Monday’s deadline for the Legislature to adjourn.

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