Lanning: no discussions on racino and stadium

Two lawmakers in the House and Senate are proposing gambling to fill the gap in the stadium financing that’s been nagging the Vikings and their would-be hosts in Ramsey County.

But stadium bill sponsor Rep. Morrie Lanning, R-Moorhead, reacted coolly to the measure today: “I haven’t been involved in that at all. And I don’t know whether that has any possible life or not. Haven’t really heard anything, haven’t been involved, so I don’t know.”

On the Senate side, stadium bill sponsor Sen. Julie Rosen, R – Fairmont, actually signed on to the measure authored by DFLers Dan Sparks, of Austin, and James Metzen of South St. Paul.

“I don’t know if this is the way out,” Rosen said. “But it’s something on the table. And I don’t think it’s all racino. It’s other gambling, too.”

The Vikings were neutral on the subject. “It’s up to the state Legislature and governor to determine the source of the State’s contribution to the stadium,” said team vice president Lester Bagley, “If they want to use gaming, we will work with them on it.”

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