Gun Rights group takes aim at Senate GOP

The gun rights group, The Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance, is taking aim at Republicans in the Minnesota Senate for not taking up a bill that would change when it’s legal for a person to shoot someone in self defense.

The Minnesota House already passed the bill and supporters were lobbying the Senate to pass it as well. The Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance sent out an action alert today that says the Senate has decided to not take up the bill this session.

In a strongly worded e-mail, the group suggests that Senate Republicans “made a deliberate, political decision to refuse to put the bill on Governor Dayton’s desk.” The e-mail also reminds supporters to tell their Senators that “gun owners vote – and that they have very long memories.

The issue is a dicey political issue for Republicans. On the one hand, the NRA and other gun rights group align themselves more with the GOP. But law enforcement groups have lines up against the bill. Gov. Dayton has also suggested he would veto it.

I contacted spokespeople for Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch to see if GOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch has decided to shelve the bill for the session.

I’ll post their response, if it becomes available. Senate GOP spokesman Michael Brodkorb declined to say whether the caucus is shelving the bill.

Here’s part of the e-mail that The Gun Owners Civil Rights Alliance sent to supporters:

We have received word that the Republican leadership in the Minnesota Senate has decided to kill The Defense of Dwelling and Person Act by not bringing it to the Senate floor for a vote.

The Senate leadership did not sacrifice SF 1357 for other priorities. They made a deliberate, political decision to refuse to put the bill on Governor Dayton’s desk.

The Senate leadership was not forced into this retreat by the DFL or anti-gun groups. They decided, unilaterally, to give up on this important civil rights legslation.

The Senate leadership did not run out of time. The Senate doesn’t have to finish before Monday at midnight. They could still hear the bill if the leadership does their job.

Please call and email the Senate leadership NOW, and respectfully demand that the bill get an immediate hearing.

You might also want to email and call your own senator, especially if he/she is a Republican, with the same message.

Tell them that Minnesota gun owners vote — and that they have very long memories.

  • It’s sad when so called “conservative” leadership abandons their values.

    By the way… “Law Enforcement” is not opposed to the bill. Bureaucratic DFL-leaning metro administrators and orgs are, by their own admission, divided .

    Here is a video of some of the brave LEO and retired LEO who stood up to support the bill.

    Amendments were added to the bill to address police concerns.

    If Senator Harrington had some, he should have showed up to the Public Safety committee (on which he sits) to offer some viewpoints, ideas, amendments,

  • Joel

    “Law Enforcement” opposed concealed carry reform too. When they line up a second time to cry wolf they should be laughed off the stage. These are the same people that want to make it illegal for you to document their actions by video.

  • Rickey

    If they are “going to war” with the Republican leadership, who are their allies in the legislature? Senator Harrington?!?! He didn’t even bother to show up to vote on their bill.

    The NRA and this “offshoot” are “in the bag” for the Republicans and the Republicans only give them lip service. Lucy snatched the football away from them in the last second! Amy Koch won’t talk about this because she knows that during the next election “all will be forgiven.”

    They showed their True Colors and made this a partizan issue because the Republicans “promised” them, but now the Republicans got their big campaign issue with the Marriage Amendment and don’t need them anymore.

    HOW are they going to “punish” the Republicans with their “very long memories”??? HOW!?!?! By voting for Obama in 2012??? They will just get back to the end of the line and ask for more promises.

    The NRA and the Gun Owner’s “Civil Rights” Association are just another arm of the Republican Party.

  • Doug

    “The NRA and the Gun Owner’s “Civil Rights” Association are just another arm of the Republican Party. ”

    So, Ricky…how are you going to help defend our Constitutional rights?


  • Whose whining? I think it’s you! If the NRA had the power to actually push the politicians around this (NRA) bill would have become a law instead of a political football

    I’m NOT whining. These guys are. I didn’t sign over my soul to the “G”OP and then WHINE when they didn’t keep up with their end of the bargain. Why did the NRA? Didn’t they know what they signed up for? Read what they said! The Republicans DECIDED to kill this bill. They weren’t FORCED. They didn’t RUNOUT OF TIME. They CHOSE to “kill the bill” and if these guys had ANY clout the Republicans would be voting on it right NOW instead of laughing at all of them

    If they were really “nonpartizan” maybe it would have been to risky for the Republicans to “kill the bill.” Now if were attacked we protect ourself the Republicans say that its OK if were prosecuted and all these guys do is WHINE about it.

    Politicians break their promises ALL THE TIME. Thats not WHINING. Thats just the way it is!

    Do YOU know how to fix that?

  • Rob

    How simple minded of you Ricky… GOCRA is an “Arm of the GOP”?

    That would be news to Matt Bostrom, and Rebecca Otto, and the many other DFL reps that GOCRA has supported…

    Do you think that there is only 1 GOP candidate interested in representing a district? Or that there aren’t many (like the 13 that voted for the bill in the house) DFL candidates that embrace gun rights?

    The fact that GOCRA is criticizing the GOP proves your statement is ill-conceived.

  • cheap jordan
  • Rickey

    You actually think you are going to defeat the Repub Senate LEADERSHIP in primaries more than a YEAR from now? Over a GUN bill that they can ALL say they supported and that everybody will have forgotten!?!? Wow!!! The Republicans haven’t even BOTHERED to issue a statement about it.

    Read Sheck’s blog again. He said he would post the Repub response if there was one. IF they were scared of you guys they would ALREADY have promised to pass this in the Special Session.