GOP budget targets

Republicans in the House and Senate have refused to release the spending levels conference committees have been given for each specific budget area.

GOP Senate Majority Leader Amy Koch repeatedly declined to provide the information and says the figures, known as targets, will be available once the respective conference committees post the information on the web.

With help from legislative staff and several lobbyists, MPR News gathered the spreadsheets for each budget area.

Here’s the info that we gathered (all numbers in thousands):

Budget Area Targets released in conference committee Status Initial Senate Target Initial House Target Dayton plan (from March)
K12 14,271,912 Agreement but not signed 14,158,064 14,158,064 14,224,425
HHS 10,737,837 Agreement but not signed 10,737,837 10,707,110 12,167,882
Higher Ed 2,505,517 Agreement but not signed 2,505,518 2,505,518 2,745,672
Transportation 62,158 Agreement but not signed 140,158 120,158 180,060
State Government 601,636 Agreement but not signed 412,922 586,658 655,587
Public Safety, The courts and Corrections   No agreement yet 1,792,650 1,752,634 1,821,988
Ag and Rural Development 76,841 Already in law 76,841 76,841 239,112
Jobs and Economic Growth 137,246 Agreement but not signed 103,246 81,573 268,892
Taxes 2,576,765 Agreement but not signed 2,727,726 2,655,485 3,441,042
Energy, Environment and Natural Resources 201,463 Agreement but not signed 221,463 228,067 321,826
Debt Service   No agreement yet 1,148,994 1,165,794 1,229,358
Total 31,171,375   34,025,419 34,037,902 37,295,844

It’s important to note that some of these targets could change. Two conference committees (Jobs and Economic Development and Public Safety, Courts and Corrections) have not released their spending targets yet so the budget totals are not complete. I updated with Jobs and Economic Development target. It’s also uncertain what the House and Senate will book in terms of debt service.

We’ll update the information if/when it becomes available.

Update: The House and Senate released their working targets. These targets were given to Gov. Dayton on Friday. The figures don’t necessarily mean this is what each budget division will agree to spend in their conference committee reports.

Overall Working Target Summary Document 5-12-11

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