DFL Chair accuses GOP chair of “character assassination”

DFL Party Chair Ken Martin is criticizing State Republican Party Chair Tony Sutton and Deputy Party Chair Michael Brodkorb for engaging in “character assassination” for what they said today about Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton. Republicans argue that Dayton made things personal when he started calling Republican lawmakers “right wing extremists” who don’t know how government works.

Martin said Dayton criticized Republican lawmakers for being “extremists” for refusing to compromise on the budget. He complained that Republican party officials are knowingly trying to undermine Dayton’s authority as governor. He said it’s unfair to call Dayton “erratic.”

“They’re trying to paint a caricature of him that he’s not stable enough to be governor,’ Martin said. “I’ll tell you what, the only one who has been stable from day one is the governor. He’s been consistent. He told the voters last fall what he was going to do and from day one, he’s done that.”

Dayton and lawmakers have until July 1 to reach a budget deal or state government will shut down.

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