Catching up on voter ID

Rep. Steve Drazkowski’s said on the House floor today that he knew of elections officials that were already asking voters for photo ID. That got us wondering how extensive the practice already was, even before the Legislature and Governor pass a law or put the issue on the 2012 ballot. Here’s what the Mazeppa Republican had to say:

Q: Where are election officials asking for ID from voters?

A: I’m not going to give you an idea where. I’ve just heard from folks that say in their particular precincts where they are election judges, they’re asking for it.

Q: Is it a lot? Few?

A: It’s hard to tell. More than one that I’ve talked to, but certainly not widespread as far as I can tell. But its an indicator of, you know, people wanting to bring foreward the certainty, the uniformity and the trust of a system. And they’re adopting it, at least part of it, prior to us actually passing it.

Q: Is that OK?

A: It may not be legal, what they’re doing. I don’t know. Or it may be. I don’t think they’re requiring it. But I’m really not sure.

Q: Your county? Wabasha County?

A: No.

  • Alec

    I found it ironic, when registering my kids for school, we had to provide proof of residence. I figured I’d just show them my photo ID, state issued driver’s license. Well, they literally will not accept a photo id as proof of residence. They have found it is too unreliable.

    So, what is the proof they require as more reliable proof? An Excel bill, or water bill, or some letter like that.