Bachmann piles on GOP criticism of Obama’s Mideast speech

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann joined the chorus of Republican voices criticizing today’s speech on the Middle East by President Obama.

Although most of the speech dealt with the popular uprisings across the Arab world, Obama also urged for a permanent peace agreement between Israelis and Palestinians based on Israel’s 1967 borders.

Bachmann, who plans to announce whether she’ll run for President soon, described Obama’s policy as a “betrayal” of a close ally and an “insult” to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who will be meeting Obama tomorrow at the White House.

“[T]he policy of land-for-peace has meant that Israel has continually had to give away increasing amounts of its land and decrease its size,” said Bachmann in a statement. “In exchange, it has still not known security.”

This isn’t first time Bachmann has offered unconditional support for Israel. At a speech last year in Los Angeles, she was quoted as saying, “if the United States fails to stand with Israel, that is the end of the United States.”

  • Dwight

    There are about ~5-7 million practicing Jewish Citizens in the United States. I applaud them, I welcome their voice, but they don’t dictate voting blocs.

    Although I do chuckle at all the ‘conservatives’ in America just trying to con them into supporting Republicans, or rejoicing in what they perceive as a misstep. But I really would like to see another Country in the world give the support to Israel that the US has done for the last 50 years before you have an aneurysm over this speech.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Once again, President Obama behaves as the adult in the room, while Republicans like Bachmann reinforce that image by acting like children.

  • LarryLinn

    This comes from the same woman whom equated the debt crisis to the Holocaust.


    This is just the on set to Armageddon Jesus Christ will come back real soon and take care of the Arabs who are the enemies of the Jews. Wake up all you Christians arise and support our Jewish roots pray and fast with out ceasing. There is only one God Yaweh. God is allowing this to happen for a reason but he will come back as a Roaring Lion you will see. Peace Be With You