ABM to urge lawmakers to support Dayton’s tax plan

The Alliance for a Better Minnesota, a coalition of unions, wealthy DFL donors and others, will start running between $500 thousand and $1 million worth of ads with the hopes of influencing the state’s budget debate.

Denise Cardinal, executive director of The Alliance for a Better Minnesota, says the group will run TV, radio and online ads to urge Minnesota voters to contact their legislators and urge them to support Dayton’s tax plan.

Cardinal also says they’ll start running ads targeting key lawmakers next week but didn’t release a list of those lawmakers

On Tuesday, Dayton vetoed nine budget bills sent to him by the GOP controlled Legislature. He will have to call lawmakers back into a special session to avoid a government shutdown on July 1. Dayton wants an income tax increase on Minnesota’s top earners to erase part of the state’s $5 billion budget deficit. Republicans say the budget deficit can be erased through spending cuts alone.

ABM is expected to announce greater details of the ad campaign at noon today.

Update: ABM says the ad is funded from state and national unions. The group has received funds from Dayton’s two sons and his ex-wife during the 2010 election.

Here’s the ad:

Choice from Alliance for a Better Minnesota on Vimeo.

Update: The Taxpayers League of MN is raising money off of the ABM ad. Taxpayers League President Phil Krinkie sent out this fundraising e-mail to supporters:

Not even 48 hours after the 2011 session has adjourned the tax and spenders have announced they will spend between $500 thousand and $1 million to run TV, radio and online ads to urge Minnesota voters to contact their legislators and urge them to support Dayton’s $1.8 billion tax increase. Click here to watch the first ad released today.

We need to counter this ad campaign with our message:

No New Taxes, No New Revenue!

We must support our Senators and Representatives who have said “No” to Dayton’s job-killing tax increases. Legislators will soon be facing immense pressure to raise taxes, generated by $1 million worth of advertising paid for by tax-and-spend special interests.

  • Common Cause MN speaks out frequently about the corrupting influence of campaign expenditures from businesses but they don’t utter a peep when union special interests pay for independent expenditures that target legislators.

    Why is that? Is it because they think the unions aren’t corrupting? NEWSFLASH: The unions are more corrupt than small businesses. BY ALOT!!!

    It’s time that Common Cause MN complained when their allies, like ABM, becomes corrupt.

  • Dan F.

    Funny how a group of Leftist’s Trust Fund Babies (ABM) who don’t pay income tax, and a group of Public Sector Union leaders who are one of the biggest drains on Minnesota getting its operating costs in order, are demanding the Productive Class pay more so they can funnel additional dollars to support ABM’s dreams. Here is an idea, take the money your are going to funnel through your friends ad firm and give it to those people you are so concerned about and don’t take the tax break. Then listen to other points of view (100.3 FM, Herritage Foundation, IBD, etc.) to balance your “feelings” you are supporting with my dollars!