The stadium bill has landed

Here’s the bill, as posted on the Senate website this afternoon. It looks eerily similar to the bill we posted here last Friday, although Sen. Julie Rosen says the naming rights revenue now fall to the state side of the ledger, rather than to the team’s share.

Stadium Bill

Here’s the statement released by the chief GOP authors this afternoon.

For Immediate Release

Senator Julie Rosen & Rep. Morrie Lanning

Following is a statement from the authors of the Senate and House stadium bills:

“Now that the Senate and House have completed the committee and floor portion of budget work, the stadium bills have been formally introduced and we are ready to get the stadium conversation started.

“Many individuals and groups are working to formulate a plan that will serve the facility needs of Minnesotans and keep the Vikings anchored in our state. The plan we have submitted today with authors of both party designations is a framework that will help us achieve resolution to this issue.

“Our hope is that the debate ahead will be open, respectful and productive, and results in a stadium that Minnesotans can use and enjoy for many years.”

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