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Lawmakers go on the Easter/Passover break this afternoon but committees will take up a few controversial bills in committee.

The Senate State Government Committee will take up collective bargaining and union related bills at 1pm.

A bill that requires people to present a photo ID to vote will be heard in the House Transportation Committee.

GOP Rep. King Banaian is also pushing to take away Minnesota Management and Budget’s role in producing fiscal notes. The process would be moved to the Legislative Commission on Planning and Fiscal Policy (which is overseen by the Legislature). GOP Lawmakers have disagreed with the fiscal analysis of their budget plan in recent weeks. Gov. Dayton also ripped lawmakers for producing a budget that is more than $1 billion out of whack. The bill is up in Government Operations and Elections today.

An issue that’s on the minds of voters is jobs and the economy. MPR takes a look at whether Republicans are succeeding in the so-called “jobs session.”

Business groups started running radio ads this week to encourage lawmakers to vote against tax hikes.

Gov. Dayton and DFL Rep. Collin Peterson visited Oslo, MN over the weekend to survey the flooding there.

On Friday, Gov. Dayton signed the Ag budget bill into law.

Dayton also reported raising $28k in the 1st quarter. He voluntarily released the fundraising data and wants GOP lawmakers to put the practice in law.

The Star Tribune says Ducks Unlimited is bagging some Capitol friends as it hunts for Legacy money.

Gov. Dayton “ran into” Vikings owner Zygi Wilf last week.

The Pi Press takes a look at the two stadium bill authors.

The Star Tribune wonders whether Dayton is stealing some GOP ideas.

Republicans want parents to be notified before a minor seeks treatment for pregnancy, STDs or drug and alcohol abuse.


President Obama hits the road to rally for his debt reduction plan.

The nation’s wealthiest Americans pay a lot less in taxes than what they did decades ago and some don’t pay any taxes at all.

The Washington Post says finance industry executives, Treasury officials and business leaders are cornering House freshman to warn them about not raising the nation’s debt ceiling.

House Republicans passed a budget plan that slashes trillions in federal spending but makes dramatic changes to Medicare. Minnesota’s delegation split its vote along party lines.

A new climate change case is headed to the U.S. Supreme Court.

There are new rules for air traffic controllers.

DFL Sen. Al Franken keynoted a Michigan Democratic Party event.

GOP Rep. John Kline will hold an Education Committee hearing in Tennessee.

The PoliGraph says DFL Rep. Collin Peterson overreached on his budget claim.

Party Politics

GOP delegates reelected Tony Sutton as party chair and Michael Brodkorb as deputy party chair. The bigger shocker was that the activists picked Hennepin County Commissioner to be RNC Committeeman over Tom Emmer. Delegates also selected former State Auditor Pat Anderson as RNC Committeewoman.

Race for U.S. Senate

MPR says DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar is laying the groundwork for a U.S. Senate run.

Race for Congress

Politico says GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack’s fundraising was “less than impressive.”

Race for President

Sarah Palin spoke at a Tea Party rally in Madison.

Tim Pawlenty tried to pick up Tea Party support during a trip to Iowa.

Pawlenty raised $160k in the 1st Quarter.

Pawlenty declined to talk about Paul Ryan’s proposed changes to Medicare during a trip to New Hampshire.

Pawlenty won a Tea Party straw poll in New Hampshire. He spoke at the event.

Pawlenty says he’s “best suited” to appeal beyond the Tea Party.

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann will attend a Tea Party protest in South Carolina today.

She was also in South Carolina over the weekend and said President Obama was foolish on Libya.

Bachmann also met privately with South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley.

The National Review says there is concern among House Republicans that Bachmann is undermining the ranks.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    King Banaian apparently thinks Governor Dayton and Minnesota Management & Budget will happily hand over fiscal note responsibility to Banaian and his merry band of Fiscal Looneys. Looks like the King’s politics are as completely detached from reality as his economics.