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A Joint House/Senate conference committee has agreed to an Ag budget. The ten members on the committee unanimously backed the measure. The Ag Commissioner also said he’d recommend Gov. Dayton sign the bill. The two Ag Chairs say they hope the agreement sets the tone for the other budget bills.

Here is a list of all of the budget bill conferees.

GOP legislative leaders predict the session will end on time.

Forum Communications has a good give and take on how budget negotiations could play out over the next few weeks.

GOP House Speaker Kurt Zellers and DFL House Minority Leader Paul Thissen were on Midday yesterday. Listen to the show here.

The Freedom Club hits the airwaves to hit Gov. Dayton’s budget plan.

GOP lawmakers are considering an overhaul of the auto industry. The bills get a hearing in a Senate committee today.

Gov. Dayton will hold a round table to discuss higher education on Wednesday.

A hearing hasn’t been scheduled yet for the Vikings Stadium bill.

Hennepin County Commissioner Mike Opat says passing a stadium bill this session is a “long shot.”


Budget tricks helped President Obama save some programs from cuts.

A federal appeals court won’t lift a stay on Arizona’s immigration law.

Special Election

Voters in Falcon Heights and St. Paul head to the polls today to elect a replacement to DFL Sen. Ellen Anderson.

Race for U.S. Senate

The Star Tribune says DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar is taking no chances as she prepares to run for reelection.

Race for President

Mitt Romney announced his exploratory committee.

While in Iowa, Bachmann offered support for a budget plan that cuts $5.8 trillion.

Bachmann also wants to draw a line in the sand over the federal health care law.

She also slammed the budget agreement.

Here are some of Bachmann’s quotes from her speech to the Iowa Family Leader.

Here’s video of her appearance in Pella. She says she opposes raising the debt ceiling.

In an interview with the Des Moines Register, Bachmann also promised that she won’t be thinking of running for a second term if she runs for president. Bachmann also wouldn’t comment on Tim Pawlenty.

Texas Congressman Ron Paul was also in Iowa on Monday. He said the federal government is too costly and intrusive.

Tim Pawlenty will headline a Tax Day rally in Boston on April 15th.

Here’s more on Pawlenty’s hiring of Nick Ayers.

The Atlantic also takes a look at the policy wonks that Pawlenty and Romney hired.

USA Today says GOP hopefuls are quietly lining up endorsements.

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