State officials: GOP budget short $1 billion

State finance officials say the recently passed House and Senate budget bills do not erase a projected $5 billion budget shortfall.

Minnesota Management and Budget Commissioner Jim Schowalter and Revenue Commissioner Myron Frans sent a letter to Republican leaders today expressing “deep concern” about the bills. They said their analysis shows the Republican-backed bills are out of balance by $1.203 billion in the House and $1.164 billion in the Senate.

“It is our hope and expectation that the fiscal discrepancies in the bills will be resolved in conference committee and that the bills sent to the governor will be fiscally sound and balanced,” the commissioners wrote.

  • Zeke

    A “fiscally sound and balanced” plan would disabuse the Republican base of its fantasies, rather than reinforcing them, and move towards gathering the support from Democrats that will be needed to actually address the State’s fiscal imbalance.

  • Chris

    Looks like buying movies at Redbox instead of seeing them in theaters didn’t save the billions of dollars Zellers thought it would.

  • Red Rivers

    There are two problems with this story:

    1) It’s MMB. MMB’s director, Schowalter, is a Dayton appointee. The bureaucracy serves its patron. It’s delivering the results Dayton wants it to.

    2) MMB’s methodology is *not* designed to account for cost savings; it *is*, however, weighted toward adding costs.

    MMB’s results should be taken with a grain of salt big enough to set your cardiologist into a frenzy.

    If only we had an institution whose mission it was to dig into these issues and answer these questions. Perhaps with its own printing presses and transmitters or something.

  • Chris

    Would this be the same Jim Schowalter who was Deputy MMB Commissioner under Pawlenty?