Senate GOPer: Vikings a long shot

It’s been three days after the introduction of the long-awaited bill to build the Vikings a new stadium. Now comes an audible thud from at least one Republican in the state Senate.

Assistant majority leader Dave Thompson put out this statement this afternoon:

“I acknowledge the Minnesota Vikings are a state asset. However, Republicans campaigned on the message of sensible government, low taxes and decreased regulation. The voters sent us a clear message.”

“As legislators, we are making tough decisions relating to education, public safety and the health of our most vulnerable citizens. It is inconceivable that we would fund a stadium to help multi-million dollar athletes pay their mortgages while many middle class Minnesotans are struggling to pay theirs. The focus of the legislature should be on creating a business friendly environment that facilitates success for the Minnesota Vikings and every other job provider in our state.”

Senate GOP spokeswoman Susan Closmore said it’s Thompson’s position, not that of the caucus. But, as is the case in the House, the stadium bill still isn’t showing any signs of turning up in committee in the near future.