Pawlenty and Krugman

Tim Pawlenty’s crackerjack video editor has posted yet another Hollywood-style online video touting the former governor’s run for the White House. See it here:

The video was posted shortly after President Obama officially declared his intention to run for a second term. Somewhat strangely, one of the people visible in the montage of faces and voices is economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman saying, “Washington has given up on the jobs picture.”

Slate blogger David Weigel noticed Krugman too, and calls the use of Krugman’s image, “A very odd excerpt to use.” That’s because the context of Krugman’s quote was that the federal government should be doing more, not less to stimulate the economy.

Just last week, Krugman blasted Pawlenty on his blog, saying that Pawlenty’s claim that the economy is nearing a double-dip recession shows the former governor has, “absolutely no idea what’s he’s talking about.”

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Pawlenty and any version of economic understanding are ships passing in the night. Intellectually Tiny Tim sinks to new depths of buffoonery on an almost daily basis. One can only conclude he’s betting his whole campaign on the ESP (Extremely Stupid People) Vote.

  • David McGuire

    Sort of like some Democrat who announced his reelection campaign today — he depends on the EGP (Extremely Gullible People) Vote . . . many of them don’t understand that Mr. Obama has essentially become “Bush-lite” . . . what was that about terrorist murderers being tried at . . . Guantanamo Bay? Perhaps Obama is also running for “Hypocrite-in-Chief.”