Pawlenty “kickoff fundraiser” planned for mid-May

Former Gov. Tim Pawlenty’s exploratory presidential campaign is planning a big fundraiser on May 18.

D’Amico and Sons catering confirmed to MPR News that Pawlenty’s campaign has reserved the atrium space of International Market Square for an event that day.

Someone with knowledge of the event told us the evening gathering in Minneapolis is one of several scheduled around the country. It’s not clear who is invited to the Minneapolis fundraiser, how much money will be raised or how many people will be there. D’Amico and Sons says the space can accommodate up to 1,200.

A Pawlenty spokesman declined to comment on the upcoming fundraisers.

  • Hawkeye
  • Gopher

    No doubt the rich folks are getting out their tuxes and ball gowns! Gotta be all decked out to go and write those humongous checks to T-Paw so he can make sure that more folks fall below the poverty line. Go T-Paw!

  • Jamie

    Hmmm… don’t think I’ll be giving my business to D’Amico & Sons anymore.

  • TaylorB1

    When I saw that Pawlenty was going to have a “big event” on May 18, I thought perhaps it was to announce he’s having a personality transplant.. He’ll need one if he expects to get anywhere in the Presidential race…as dull and colorless a candidate as I’ve seen in some time.