Conservative group defends Cravaack on Medicare

Earlier this week, we reported that Democrats are buying radio ads in freshman Rep. Chip Cravaack’s district to criticize his support for the House Republican budget plan, which includes major changes to Medicare.

Now, Cravaack is getting some serious support from the 60 Plus Association, which bills itself as the “conservative alternative to the liberal AARP.”

The group, which doesn’t have to disclose its donors, is airing the ads in the same districts the Democrats and their allies are, including Cravaack’s 8th District.

The ad thanks Congress for passing the budget proposal, saying it, “protects and preserves Medicare, ensuring it will be available to current and future seniors.”

According to a group spokesman, 60 Plus is spending $65,000 on its ads, far more than the Democrats and their allies have spent.

  • ross

    $65,000 total or $65,000 for just cravaack?