Conservative group ‘Soups up’ criticism of Dayton tax plan


The conservative group, Minnesota Majority, announced today that it will start driving around a “Soup Truck” to point out what they argue will happen under Gov. Dayton’s income tax hike on top earners.

The group says the truck will travel to several different Minnesota cities to highlight the tax plan.

“Governor Dayton may not comprehend the consequences of what he’s proposing,” said Minnesota Majority president Jeff Davis. “But the business community does. Higher taxes will mean fewer jobs.”

Dayton’s tax plan won’t impact every Minnesota taxpayer. The Department of Revenue projects that five percent of the state’s taxpayers will pay the higher rate. His plan will raise the state’s top income tax rate from 7.85 percent to 10.95 percent. Single filers who make $85,000 a year or more after deductions would pay the higher tax. Couples who make $150,000 a year after deductions would also pay the higher tax.

It would make Minnesota’s income tax rate the second highest in the country.

DFL Party Chair Ken Martin said Minnesota Majority should be looking at the budget cuts put forth by Republican lawmakers to see the real impact on lower income Minnesotans. He says only top earners will see an income tax hike.

“Frankly, it’s a shock to find out that Republicans care about feeding people. The GOP is the party that proposed cutting Meals on Wheels, that wants to drive up property taxes and increase the squeeze on the middle class and small business owners working to feed their families. Given that Governor Dayton’s plan would only raise taxes on the top 5% of income earners, the question is: Do you have to show your country club card to get served at their soup truck?

All the gimmicks in the world aren’t going to change the fact that the GOP proposal is unbalanced, dishonest and hurts middle class Minnesotans.”

  • Wayno

    “Higher taxes mean fewer jobs.” Is there anybody left who believes that? The statement speaks to Jeff Davis’ credibility, rather than to any empirical data.

  • Employer

    My wife and I have a small business and employee 6 people. If this income tax hike goes through – I am going to shut down our operation here, move to Chicago or Denver (still evaluating) and open up a similar business there. I can guarantee you there will be 6 unemployed Minnesotans do to this.

  • Employee

    Isn’t this the same party whose current “Jobs” plans have consisted of social legislation and cutting middle class jobs in order to lower taxes for the folks with the most money?

  • Ralph Crammedin

    If the Republicans insist on making a Circus out of the Budget, shouldn’t they be touring the state in their Clown Car?

  • Ralph Crammedin

    @Employer, if this income tax hike goes through, you will incur about a 1% tax cost to your income, and there will no cost whatever to your business. Please forgive me if I very seriously doubt you’re being truthful when you suggest you would uproot your business and your family for such a trivial cost.