Bachmann and Pawlenty tee off on Obama speech before it’s announced

Two of Minnesota’s presidential hopefuls, GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann and former Gov. Tim Pawlenty, hit the national TV airwaves today to comment on President Obama’s speech to address the long-term deficit.

On NBC’s Today show, Bachmann said she would oppose any tax hikes to help erase the deficit.

“That’s his formula for turning the country around after spending us trillions of dollars in debt,” she said. “Now its time to tax the people who create the wealth.”

Meanwhile, Pawlenty said on Fox and Friends that he doesn’t think Obama will offer anything meaningful.

“It will be warmed over proposals from before and I don’t think you’ll see details,” Pawlenty said. “Everybody I’ve talked to that’s a job provider in this country says the same thing in one form or another, get the government off my back.”

You can listen to President Obama’s speech live on MPR News at 12:30.

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