Bachmann drops concern about Obama citizenship

Minnesota Congresswomen and possible 2012 GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has joined a growing list of Republicans who are backing away from questions about President Obama’s citizenship. After an ABC News host presented Bachmann with a copy of Obama’s birth certificate, Bachmann said the issue was settled.

“That is not the main issue facing the United States right now the main issue facing the United States is dealing with our debt and our deficit.”

Businessman and reality television producer Donald Trump has been focusing on Obama’s citizenship as he talks about running for president. When asked whether she takes Trump’s candidacy seriously, Bachmann said:

“I think it’s up to Donald Trump if he takes his candidacy seriously. Certainly he’s had a good foothold with a lot of people in the United States and I think they’re intrigued by him and what he has to say.”

  • J Rae Larson

    What has she done for Minnesota lately? Is she still working for Minnesotans?