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The Senate Tax Committee is scheduled to release their version of the tax bill this morning.

MPR says some of the budget bills in the House are based on numbers that may not add up or ever materialize.

A study says one of those potential savings, a global Medicaid waiver, is unrealistic.

Committee deadlines in the House and Senate are two days away and it appears a Senate Chair or two may miss the deadlines. GOP Sen. Geoff Michel suggested as much when he sent out a news release on Tuesday.

“This is a big week at the legislature, we’re not going to rush because it’s important to get things right,” Michel wrote. Neither Michel nor his spokesman returned calls asking if some committee chairs would miss their deadlines. The deadlines are self-imposed so there are no major problems if a deadline is missed except it creates a perception that lawmakers couldn’t get their work done on time.

Gov. Dayton will visit a business in Faribault today.

Local sheriffs are concerned about cuts in the House Publics Safety budget bill. State prisoners would also have to make $5 co-pays for medical care. The bill’s author, GOP Rep. Tony Cornish, said the co-pay idea is more about principle than saving the state money.

A MnDOT worker was presumed dead after a backhoe flipped into a creek.

State employees rallied at the State Capitol on Tuesday.

Bloomberg says several retired state workers have sued to get their pensions back.

Major, an injured Roseville police dog, witnessed Gov. Dayton’s bill signing ceremony. The bill that would increase penalties against people who injure or kill police or other public safety dogs.

A bill in the Minnesota Legislature weakens rules on mining pollution in wild rice-inhabited waters.

The House GOP aims to cut light rail money.

The University of Minnesota begins its conflict of interest probe into newly elected regent Steve Sviggum. The Star Tribune says Sviggum didn’t initially disclose his job at the U of M.

Dayton wants state lawmakers and political committees to file quarterly campaign finance reports.

The Star Tribune says it’s a touchy time to talk stadium for the GOP.

A lawsuit was dropped against Iron Range investment in PolyMet.


The Allied strikes fail to halt Moammar Gaddafi’s attacks on civilians.

DFL Sen. Al Franken supports the military action in Libya. He also wants to know how much it costs.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum also backs military action in Libya (to a point).

A Yemeni leader is threatening a civil war in that country.

Supporters of the health care law mark its one year anniversary.

MPR takes a look at how Gov. Dayton is approaching the law differently than former Gov. Tim Pawlenty.

The Minnesota Chamber backs GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen’s medical device tax repeal.

Special Election SD66

A candidate forum has been announced for the DFL Primary.

Race for Senate

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar is starting to ramp up her fundraising. She sent out an e-mail asking for money on Tuesday. She also has a Thursday night fundraiser.

Race for President

The Fix takes a look at Pawlenty’s strengths.

Politico says Pawlenty won’t be able to outrun his record on climate change.

The Washington Times profiles GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    What? Republican budget numbers don’t add up? No surprises there. I’ve been telling you that for nine months. No matter. If the Republicans manage to kick those grandmas out of those nursing homes, they’ll still brag they cut spending.