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In a move that should shock absolutely no one, Tim Pawlenty announced on Monday that he’s forming an exploratory committee to run for president. Pawlenty made the announcement in a video on Faeebook.

Pawlenty then took part in a live tele-townhall with supporters.

The Washington Post says Pawlenty’s first battle is famililiarity.

AP says the perfect GOP candidate is hard to find.

Politico takes a look at Pawlenty’s path to the nomination.

Under the Dome

Republicans continue to release their budget bills.

The House HHS omnibus bill makes $1.6 billion in cuts. A bulk of the cuts goes to programs aimed at keeping the elderly and disabled out of nursing homes. The bill also books $300 million in savings through a federal waiver that allows the state to change how it delivers the Medicaid program. Democrats say the math doesn’t add up.

MPR story on the bill here.

Lawmakers also propose new restrictions on welfare cards.

The Dayton Administration also objects to the House K12 budget bill.

Job training is a casualty in the House Jobs and Economic Development budget bill.

A Racino bill was introduced. This time the measure is tied to job creation.

Gov. Dayton will hold a news conference to announce a campaign finance proposal this morning. He has said earlier that he wants lawmakers and candidates to file reports on a quarterly basis so there is complete disclosure.

Dayton will also sign a bill into law that will increase the penalties on people who injure police dogs. An injured dog will be present at the news conference.

He signed the federal tax conformity bill into law.

He also sent his revised budget to the Legislature.

Worth a look

MPR takes a look at gun violence in Minneapolis.


The U.S. led assault is nearing its goal in Libya.

Some lawmakers are unhappy that President Obama didn’t fully consult Congress on military action on Libya.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar will introduce a bill to ban a synthetic drug linked to the death of a Minnesota teen.

GOP Rep. John Kline held a hearing in PA and said the nation’s education system is failing.

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen launched a website for the House Med Tech Caucus.


The New York Times profiles Haley Barbour.

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