Senate Republicans: No stadium over here, either

Days after a breakdown of talks between the NFL and its players, lawmakers in St. Paul say it could impact plans for a new stadium in Minnesota.

But Deputy Senate majority leader Geoff Michel added that there wasn’t much progress on the stadium in the Senate to slow down at this point.

“I think there will be members who have questions about what is going on short term with the NFL,” Michel said at a brief press availability this afternoon. “But we have had zero caucus discussion on the NFL, on a lockout, on the Vikings, on the Metrodome. Maybe you guys just don’t believe us. I know it sells papers, but we’re working on this little thing called the budget. Indications have been (laugh) that we’d be talking about this Viking thing every week. But I haven’t seen it happen yet, and I wouldn’t hold your breath this week, either.”

So, call it a bye.

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