Met Council letter: Cuts would devastate transit

The governor’s office sent out a letter this morning from Metropolitan Council chairwoman Sue Haigh to the Republican chair of the House Transportation Policy and Finance Committee.

She’s writing about HF 1140, the transportation budget bill, which the full House could vote on as early as Monday.

Here’s the letter:

Metro Transit letter

  • Brad

    The question I would ask is: How is this fair to those of us NOT impacted by transit in the shrinking cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul?

    Perhaps it is time for those who “benefit” to start paying what is fair. Those who are “on the congested roads” or using the service. Perhaps the MET needs to look at streamlining services, without reducing them. To instantly say it will cut vital services is to give up on creative problem solving… I think we have seen the true caliber of Ms. Haigh.