Dept. of Revenue says House tax bill regressive

The Minnesota Department of Revenue has the third of today’s letters to Republican leadership as they start steering their major bills to the floor for votes this week. The latest is a brief tax incidence study of the tax bill being debated at this hour on the House floor.

Here’s the letter, addressed to tax committee chair Greg Davids:

MnDOR Letter

  • Norm Erickson

    Typical GOP “more for me” tax policy…ie more for the richest among us. I recall that the rich did quite well back 60 years ago when the much more progressive tax rate topped out at ~90%. This is not sustainable tax policy and it utterly lacks caring for the larger community. We are eating our young.

    Let’s not tax the rich because they create the jobs…problem is, too many are over the horizon in China, India, Thailand, etc. Let’s quit lying about it. Truth is: Tax rates are upside down.

  • Kulture Smog

    Norm, get a grip! Did you ever think that jobs are leaving America because of the hostel environment here? Have you ever employed anyone?

    Caterpillars CEO must be a Greedy Republican because he warned the Ill Governor that his Tax Hikes will kill Caterpillar.

    You are a Feeder, try producing for a change!

    That hand of yours is always in someone elses pocket!!