Bachmann stands by Obama criticism

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann used the bulk of her time on NBC’s Meet the Press this morning to criticize President Obama.

For the first five minutes of the interview, Bachmann kept keying in on her talking point of the week which is that President Obama and Democrats in Congress “snuck in a provision” in the health care law that spends $105 billion to implement the law.

“$105 billion is a lot of money,” Bachmann said. “You can’t just slip that into a bill and not tell members of the House and not tell members of the Senate.”

Bachmann was a member of Congress when the health care bill passed and said in a follow up news release that the funding was “broken up, hidden in various parts of the bill.” She said there was no debate or no discussion on the bill and she thinks the funding should be given back. One key question that host David Gregory didn’t ask is why Bachmann and others didn’t raise this issue when the bill was being debated. The funding and the policy change were also passed into law after months of discussion.

Bachmann also didn’t back off her claims that President Obama is running a “Gangster Government.” When asked about that claim, Bachmann stood firm.

“I do believe that actions taken by this White House,” Bachmann said. “I don’t take back my statement on Gangster Government. I think there have actions that have been taken by this government is corrupt.”

“Do you think the President has anti-American views?” Gregory asked.

“I answered that question before,” Bachmann said. “I have very serious concerns about the president’s views and I think the president’s actions in the last two years speak for themselves.”

Bachmann also said she feels Congress and President Obama should take the advice of military leaders and stay out of the crisis in Libya.

“As Defense Secretary Gates has said, we need to be very careful about putting an army on the ground in the Middle East,” Bachmann said. “We are extended now in Afghanistan and Iraq, and for us to consider further penetration at this time — we need to listen to General Petreaus and what he has to say.”

Bachmann, who says she’s thinking about running for president in 2012, offered no timetable as to when she’ll make a final decision.

You can watch the full interview here.

  • Cache

    That’s my congresswoman…Attagirl…hold that bum obumbler’s feet to the fire!

  • oldminstrelman

    I stand in awe of the knowledge and quick wit of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. I hope to finally be able to vote for her in 2012. I am very proud of the fact that I received a link to her congressional home page after I mentioned my support and admiration on a blog over three years ago. Unfortunately (wrong zip code 84118) I cannot use that link to communicate, but at least I can forward the newsletter to others.

  • flower child

    send her some black roses

    not all of mn is proud of her

    she dont understand the bill currently and has lots of money to pay her way..what about the middle class and lower???

    big shot with $$$

  • John O.

    It was evident that David Gregory was getting frustrated with Bachmann’s unwillingness to answer any direct questions. You would think that the Sunday morning talk show producers and hosts are eventually going to tire of her act and find elected officials who actually consider answering a question.

    If this had been a Democrat, the conservatives would have been in an uproar. However, since it is Shelly, she gets yet another free pass.

  • nuisance

    The “Gangster Government”, eh Michelle? If it’s so nasty, why in the heck would you vote to extend the unconstitutional and poorly named Patriot Act? The answer I believe is that you are a phony who will say and do whatever to get elected. You and the other neocons stole the Tea Party movement from Ron Paul and bastardized it and are using it to fool people. I’m not buying it. You’re not a conservative, you’re a fraud.

    People, please wake up and realize the people are screwing us, both on the left and right. They’re getting us against each other while they steal everything right from under us. WAKE UP!!!

  • Riley Smiley

    She is dead right, the fraud that Progressives, the real enemy of the United States, are falling apart.

  • Old Minstrel Man

    We are well aware that all Minnesota voters are not fans of Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, but “Praise Be”and “Thanks” to the small enclave of sane voters in Minnesota’s Sixth Congressional District

    The frustration and anger of one of the “Left’s” favorite little attack dogs (“Little red D. Gregory”) was in clear evidence.

    As for the Sunday morning Talking-heads ignoring her message from this point going forth.That time has come and passed. Blood has been drawn and hubris and ego’s are suffering. The “Statist” commentators are stirred up as never before and aspirations of being the “Clever One” who will finally entrap Michele into a “Statement for Ridicule’s Sake” are running at a fever pitch. I say “bring it on” to Nora O’Donnell and Chris Matthews and even to Katie Too.

    If “Little red D.” were the world-class apologist for the Dummycrats that he envisions himself to be, then he would have confronted head-on and defended against (on behalf of Pelosi, Obama, and Reid) the Congresswoman’s revelation of the One Hundred Five Billions Dollars of FRAUD, rather than allowing anger and frustration to try to change the conversation with one of his rude and provocative questions that he believed would finally convict the Congresswoman in the eyes of the public.

    Finally, “Little red D’s” frustration and dismay were on display as I have never seen, when Michele got around to Boldly confronting and answering his questions, that were clearly out of context of the topic at hand.

    Talk about unabashedly rude. That has been “Little red D’s” style for as long as I can remember.

  • Rosemary Rocco

    Wrong facts, wrong tone, wrong headed. Congresswoman Bachmann’s unprofessional and very un-stateswoman like behavior, (to say nothing of her downright insane logic) must be because she is not a real Minnesotan-meaning someone born in Minnesota. She was born in Iowa and I for one wish she would go home.

  • Old Minstrel Man

    Wrong facts? Wrong tone? Wrong headed? Listen up, David (“Little red”) Gregory. There’s a very eloquent, with semi-coherent thoughts, public school educated lady out in Minnesota, who is stepping up to defend against the tyranny of the migration of people from other states (especially Iowa) moving into Minnesota. This could be the start of a big movement to ban all of the (from other state) interlopers who are trying to reestablish a Democratic-Republic form of government throughout the nation and abusing Native-Minnesotans by using their state as a base of operations. Just thought I’d let you know about this fledging movement before David Brooks scoops you on this.