Bachmann on Meet the Press

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann will appear on NBC’s Meet the Press this weekend. The 6th District Congresswoman will make an appearance on the show to discuss the federal budget debate and the 2012 field. Bachmann is considering a run for the White House in 2012:

Also Sunday: A Republican response from the head of the Tea Party caucus in the House, Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-MN). She’s traveled the country speaking to the Tea Party faithful, what does she expect now from her fellow Republicans and Speaker Boehner in the budget battle? Plus, we’ll get her take on the beginning stages of the 2012 field. How does she think the campaign against President Obama’s re-election should be framed?

White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley will also appear on the show.

  • Clayton Forrester

    Maybe they’ll ask her to explain how John Quincy Adams, not Lincoln, freed the slaves! That could be interesting. And ask her if Sarah Palin’s upcoming trip to India will cost $250 million/day!

  • Robert Gotcher

    David Gregory is pitiful as an interviewer. He just let Bachmann spew her talking points without answering his questions.

  • Pat – Houston

    Bachmann and the “TEE” party is just ticked off because there is a minority in the White House. If they know so darn much, why didn’t they run for the office. It’s really easy to sit back and criticize, when you don’t have to act!

  • farleftliberalnutjob

    when that idiot gregory asks about BO’s non existent birth certificate i can’t wait for her to say:

    “ask the governor, in HI, and his family friend, he’s still looking for it. BTW ask the Democrats. They posted a green blob on the internet date stamped NOV 2008 which means no one in the DNC ever qualified him. They also knew their was a problem because they changed all the certifications, even after they were certified, to take out any qualifying language to the Constitution. So ask the DEMS why ?”

  • Maggie

    I so missed Tim Russert for that interview.