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Gov. Dayton and GOP legislative leaders hold separate statewide fly arounds today to discuss the state budget.

Gov. Mark Dayton released a budget plan that creates a new income tax rate of 10.95% on single filers with an after tax income of $85,000 or more a year and couples earning an after tax income of $150,000 a year. Dayton also creates a temporary 3% surtax on top of the new rate for people earning more than $500,000 a year. Republicans oppose the idea.

Here’s a FAQ on Dayton’s budget plan.

Higher ed takes a hit in Dayton’s plan.

Advocates say the disabled and seniors take an unfair cut in Dayton’s plan.

The Pollution Control Agency faces an 11% cut.

On Education, Dayton keeps the K12 shift in his plan but pays for All day Kindergarten.

Cities cheer Dayton’s plan to hold LGA funding harmless but worry about cuts from the GOP.

The key question now is how Dayton and Republicans reach a compromise. House Tax Chair Greg Davids says a shutdown is on the governor.

Ramsey County moves forward with Vikings stadium talks.

Republicans in the Senate complain that donated calendars violate the gift ban.

Special Election

DFLer Carly Melin won the special election in House District 5B.


President Obama says he expects to compromise with the GOP on the federal budget but is also making a veto threat.

The House is taking up a bill that cuts spending. There are a ton of amendments being proposed to the bill.

The battle over the budget could leave Central Corridor funding at risk.

GOP Rep. John Kline will chair the NRCC’s annual March fundraising dinner.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison asks his Twitter followers to help him follow the protests in Bahrain.

2012 Prez Watch

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann criticizes efforts by Michelle Obama and the IRS to allow women to deduct breastfeeding supplies on their taxes.

Bachmann is headed to South Carolina on Friday.

Bachmann also says the GOP nominee should be prepared to be a one-term president because they’ll have to tackle some tough issues.

Tim Pawlenty will be in Florida today to speak with the Florida Republican caucus.

AP says Pawlenty may be betting heavily on Iowa while other candidates may not focus too much on the state because it’s too conservative.

Pawlenty will also be in Las Vegas next week.

  • Karl

    Hey Tom, could you check your archives and see when the last time you ran an item on Michele Bachmann doing something for her district and not herself?

  • Ralph Crammedin

    The budget debate sure got simple, didn’t it?

    1. The bill for the Pawlenty Years has come due.

    2. Kurt Zellers and the Republicans want the middle class and the poor to pick up the tab.

    2a. Republican Tax Chair Davids, who yesterday proposed voluntary taxes (yes, really – go back and look!), today says they’ll shut down the state if they don’t get everything they want.

    3. Governor Dayton solves the problem by asking the rich to pay the same tax rate as everybody else.