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Governor Mark Dayton releases his budget plan today. The plan, according to someone who has seen the budget document, will not make any cuts to Local Government Aid or other aids and credits to local units of government. Dayton, who will also increase income taxes on Minnesota’s top earners, is setting up a clear distinction between his plan and the plan put forward by the GOP controlled Legislature that Dayton vetoed last week.

Dayton sets the tone for his budget announcement in an op-ed.

The Ramsey County Board will vote on a proposal that would open up talks with the Minnesota Vikings for a new stadium. Several members of Ramsey County’s legislative delegation are lining up against the proposal.

The Pi Press says the Vikings Stadium could be a tough sell for some Arden Hills residents.

Veterans will introduce their 2011 agenda today.

Republican Tom Emmer will lobby for a group that he opposed as a state legislator.

The Pi Press takes a look at the proposed nanotech center at the U of M.

The DNR plans land purchases through 2035.

The Star Tribune takes a look at efforts to water down the statewide smoking ban.

The Minnesota Department of Commerce hires senior staff.

MnDOT is projecting major shortfalls for road funding.


President Obama released his budget plan.

Advocates fear Great Lakes restoration is in peril.

President Obama’s budget includes $200 million for Central Corridor.

It would also cut heating aid for 44,000 Minnesota homes.

Obama increases funding for schools. GOP Rep. John Kline says the nation has increased funding for schools but has failed to improve student achievement.

Republicans push for cross-border health insurance purchases.

The head of the Minneapolis FBI says there have been no signs of Somali men leaving Minnesota for Somalia.

DFL Sen. Al Franken will head a subcommittee on online privacy.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar will chair of the Judiciary Subcommittee on Administrative Oversight and the Courts.

For profit colleges are pushing to delay funding limits imposed under President Obama. GOP Rep. John Kline is mentioned.

DFL Rep. Keith Ellison wants Justice Clarence Thomas to recuse himself from any cases involving the health care overhaul.

GOP Rep. Chip Cravaack wants to cut funding for the U.S. Institute of Peace.

Middle East

Violent protests erupt in Yemen, Bahrain and Iran.

Special Election

Voters go the polls in House District 5B to elect a replacement for DFL Rep. Tony Sertich.

2012 Prez Watch

Tim Pawlenty is third in a New Hampshire poll.

Surprise! The GOP candidates don’t like President Obama’s budget.

Pawlenty will attend a Faith and Freedom event in Iowa.

The conservative Frum Forum asks why Pawlenty is running a cynical campaign.

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