Lori Swanson: Not a fan of health care reform?

20090812_loriswanson_39.jpgAttorney General Lori Swanson notably declined to join more than two dozen attorney’s general who have opted to sue the federal government over the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, known by critics as Obamacare.

This afternoon, though, she was in front of the Senate’s Committee on State Government Innovation and Veterans for a routine overview of her office and its duties. Republican (and attorney) Dave Thompson put her on the spot and asked her again about the legality of health care reform.

She referred to her letter to then-governor Tim Pawlenty, citing a Supreme Court decision on medical marijuana as proof Congress could legally regulate interstate commerce.

And then she said something else: “Personally, I’m not such a fan of the individual mandate, just as a personal matter.,” Swanson told the committee. “But when I look at these things, I look at them as a legal matter, and in that case, I decided it’s not warranted. Ultimately, there’s got to be a higher court than one state attorney general who decides it, and they’re going to set the legal precedent for the country.”

  • Steve

    Did Dave Thompson ask her if she would have preferred a public option? Otherwise, I don’t see your point in pointing it out or the potential controversy. By the way, nice reporting MPR, just a comment no context or follow-up, but, a lot of red meat for the far right.