Dayton suggests a sunset to his income tax hike

On MPR’s Midmorning, Governor Dayton said “that might be part of it” when asked if he would consider proposing an income tax hike that lasts only two years

Dayton suggested during his State of the State speech that such a tax would be included when he asked business leaders to “give him two years.”

MPR Midmorning host Kerri Miller asked if he had a timeline to such a tax. He referred to his statement during the State of the State.

“Well, I hope to do it sooner,” Dayton said of a possible sunset to the income tax. “And if the conditions improve, if there were something like that, then we’ll be able to deal with that starting next year. I hope we can get a rapid improvement but I’m trying to be realistic here.”

Dayton didn’t fully commit to an income tax hike that would blink off but he suggested it’s a possibility. Dayton said his plan will increase income taxes on top earners but he declined to offer greater specifics. He releases his full budget plan next Tuesday.

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