Cravaack backers respond to DCCC

The conservative group Crossroads GPS is running radio ads in the 8th district in support of Republican Congressman Chip Cravaack.

The 60 second ad, which will run through next Tuesday, is in response to a Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee ad running against 19 GOP freshmen, including Cravaack. Crossroads GPS is also responding in the other districts.

Here’s the ad:

  • Ginny

    What a nauseating bunch of lies and fearmongering.

  • Matt

    Fyewf. Karl Rove and a couple billionaires are standing up for the little guy. Attention angry Republican voters: you’re being used.

  • Jamie

    I’m with you, Ginny.

    Where is the DCCC ad?

  • Laurel

    What I can’t stand is how the republicans can call themselves “Christians” and then put out lies like this. Find a church that isn’t spouting republican propaganda, just try. In the sixth district they pass out political lit. at the doors of churches, totally illigal. Some even preach their politics from the pulpit, or promote republican candidates from the pulpit. Aren’t most people going to church to worship God, and not to hear politics?

    Half of the deficit is because of tax cuts to the rich, and the rich oil companies are killing this countries ecconomy with high gas, and heating prices, which will keep us from getting out of the depression times we are in. All these problems started when Bush was in office, but they are trying to put the blame the democrats.

    It’s bull. They are buying up the media, papers, etc so they can control peoples minds.

    To bad people believed the smut mail and ads about good democrats who cared about them, like Jim Oberstar who worked hard for the working people of this State for years. And now we have republicans who have one agenda, give to the rich, take from the poor and working people. Which includes busting unions with the “right to work” legistlation, that really means they won’t pay living wages or insurance. If this passes it will bring down ALL WAGES, and you will all be working for minimum wages, no insurance, and no overtime, It’s all about greed..

  • Jamie

    Why can’t we hear the DCCC ad/s?

  • Union Member

    Cravaacks Ad is 100% on target!

    Some people stop and think about the Next Generation and I don’t think the Next Generation will be to happy paying for a $14 Trillion Dollar Debt that we enjoy Now.

    I know PROGRESSIVEs & LEFTIST only think of them selfs and whos Pocket they can Pick to get Re-Elected!

    The Damage is done, Starting with Bush and hopefully ending in 2012 with Obama!

    This is Not a Football Game between the GOP and the DFL, This is about the Future of the Children! The Spending Must Stop Now!

    Old School Democrat……….

  • Gary Gross

    Here’s a little test for those that argue this is nothing but a pack of lies:

    1. Did the 111th Congress increase spending in an unprecedented way?

    2. After the 2010 election, are Democrats still committed to keep spending?

    3. Has Chip Cravaack voted to cut spending?

    HINT: the answer to these questions is yes, yes & yes.

    BTW, those are the ‘allegations’ made in the ad. So where’s the lies you can’t stomach? Most likely in your head. I suspect that the lies are really your visceral dislike of Republicans, not actual dishonest statements within the ads.

    As for the fearmongering comment, I’ll just say this: when this president abandons common sense by going on a spending binge of historic proportions, ignores the will of the American people by signing into law an unconstitutional health care reform law that would’ve made health care worse not better while bankrupting the nation, there’s reason for fear.

    When this president adds $5 trillion to the debt in 3 years & the first 43 presidents added $10 trillion in the nation’s first 230 years, yes, there’s reason for fear.