Bachmann tops Pawlenty (but within MOE) in 2012 poll

The latest Gallup poll of Republicans who may run for the White House in 2012 shows GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann slightly ahead of former Gov. Tim Pawlenty. The poll shows a wide open field among potential contenders. Mike Huckabee leads the field followed by Mitt Romney and Sarah Palin.

Bachmann received support from four percent of those polled. Pawlenty received support from three percent of those polled.

The poll is conducted among Republicans across the country. That’s an important footnote since everyone knows that state specific polls (like Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina) are more important since those states will play a large part in determining which candidate will be the GOP nominee.

  • Rev Trask

    Sarah Palin (a/k/a Lou Sarah) is just a BIG joke. And a hypocrite.

  • Jim Erkel

    The headline points out that the difference between Bachmann and Pawlenty is within the poll’s margin of error which, if you click through to the poll results, is plus or minus 3%. More important than the difference between the two is that the total of all support for Pawlenty is within the poll’s margin of error. That must be discouraging for someone who has been running for President for as long and as hard as Pawlenty has. Unless, of course, he’s really running for Vice-President.

  • Lou Sarah

    Well, I “like” Ron Paul!

  • Rev Trask

    Well this shows me that T-Paw’s clumsy attempts to paint himself as another angry evangelical fire-breather isn’t selling very well. People respect authenticity — and T-Paw’s act doesn’t measure up.

    Bachmann goes to SC and panders in front of oogedy-boogedy crowds, because that is who she is. There is no phony in her; she truly believes what she is saying. And the crowds sense that.