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The Minnesota House will aim to pass a bill that would cut $1 billion in state funding.

The only problem, AP says, is that a part of their budget balancing plan relies on $200 million in cuts that isn’t there.

AP also says eliminating all of the exemptions in the sales tax would help fix the deficit but no one is willing to touch them.

Gov. Dayton speaks to the Minesota Newspaper Association at noon. He will then head to Jackson, MN to discuss economic development matters.

A panel in the House approves a bill that would no longer require background checks for handguns are semiautomatic weapons. Law enforcement officials oppose the measure.

The House and Senate GOP are also pushing a bill that would require voters to present a photo ID at the polls.

The House Education Committee will look at new ways to license teachers today.

There’s increased talk that a new Vikings stadium could be in Arden Hills.


Former UnitedHealth executive Lois Quam will lead the U.S. State Department’s Global Health Initiative.

GOP Rep. John Kline says there was one GOP response and that was Wisconsin Congressman Paul Ryan was the one to give it. He made the comment after being asked about GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s rebuttal.

Bachmann’s speech stirs talk of whether the GOP is divided.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar won the Hot Dish cookoff.

2012 Race for Congress

DFL Rep. Jim Oberstar says he doesn’t see “any such circumstance” that he could make another run.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Tim Pawlenty will sign books in Burnsville and St. Cloud today.

The PoliGraph says Pawlenty’s claim in federal spending leaves out key information.

He has committed to speak to a conservative group in New Hampshire.

  • Ralph Crammedin

    Somehow, I don’t think the the House Republican Let’s Put Automatic Weapons in the Hands of Drug Addicts and Psychopaths Bill (aka the Gabby Who? Bill) will get past the Governor. It gives the Republicans something to brag about down at the tavern, though, and buys them a few more days to continue to avoid taking up pesky subjects like Jobs and the Economy.