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President Obama delivers the State of the Union address tonight.

I’m in Washington D.C. early this week with MPR’s Morning Edition team to cover the event and gauge Minnesota’s Clout in Washington.

Minnesota’s Crystal Sugar has an outsize influence in Washington.

Uncertainty over the economy clouds Obama’s speech.

Obama won’t back raising the retirement age or cutting benefits for Social Security.

Ed secretary Arne Duncan considers opening ‘Race to the Top’ to school districts only instead of states.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar will sit with Alabama Sen. Jeff Sessions at the State of the Union.

GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen invited Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek to the event.

DFL Sen. Al Franken has planned a hotdish competition for the Minnesota delegation.

MPR takes a look at the differing styles of GOP Rep. Erik Paulsen and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann. Paulsen is quietly rising through the political ranks. Bachmann appears regularly on cable TV talk shows.

DFL Rep. Betty McCollum and DFL Rep. Keith Ellison back limits on large ammo clips.

Former Gov. Jesse Ventura is suing the Department of Homeland Security and the TSA over full body scans and pat downs at airports.

A report says members of the Bush Administration broke electioneering laws.

Under the Dome

Gov. Dayton signed an executive order that would speed up permitting in Minnesota. The move took away a key issue for Republicans in the Minnesota House and Senate who were making it their priority.

Dayton and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann sparred over MA expansion.

The first budget cutting bill is headed to a House floor vote on Thursday.

Groups opposed to legalized abortions don’t appear to have the votes to override any vetoes of increased abortion restrictions.

The head of the Izaak Walton League has been tapped to head the State Energy Division.

A bill would undo the smoking ban in Minnesota’s bars.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

During a campaign event in New Hampshire, Pawlenty said it should be considered whether states could declare bankruptcy.

Gov. Pawlenty embraces the underdog mantle in New Hampshire.

Pawlenty also released a movie like trailer to his book.

PoliGraph says Pawlenty’s health plan claims are mostly true.

Bachmann for Prez Watch

An African American columnist for the Washington Post raises an eyebrow to some comments Michele Bachmann made in Iowa.

Bachmann attended an antiabortion event at the nation’s Capitol.

Bachmann also releases a plan to cut $430 billion from the budget.

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