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AP has an interesting take on Gov. Dayton and the role he could make regarding Gov. Pawlenty’s executive orders. Some are arguing Dayton should repeal the more controversial ones, like immigration, to make a stand. Others argue he should just wait for the orders to expire in March.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel says Dayton will likely send a letter to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker today that says Wisconsin should pay its $58 million.

Democrats are criticizing GOP Rep. Jim Abeler, the chair of the HHS Finance Committee, for discussing shutdown scenarios in committee. Abeler said he wanted people to know “what the stakes are.” MPR and the Star Tribune have stories.

Here’s Dayton’s Thursday MSNBC appearance.

MPR profiles the new Education Commissioner, Brenda Cassellius.

Ted Mondale has interviewed for the Metropolitan Sports Facilities position.

A meeting to focus on Capitol Security has been moved to next week.

DFL Rep. Tony Sertich leaves the Minnesota House. You can listen to his speech here.


Several members of Congress will hold meet and greets with constituents today. They include DFL Rep. Tim Walz and DFL Rep. Keith Ellison.

DFL Sen. Al Franken will speak at Netroots Minnesota tomorrow.

Republicans in the U.S. House will restart their efforts to repeal the health care law.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Tim Pawlenty will sign books in Florida today. He will also appear before Hispanic Conservatives.

Pawlenty warned that the U.S. economy could end up like the Greek economy.

He made the comments at the National Press Club. NBC does a write-thru of the speech.

You can listen to Pawlenty’s appearance here.

Pawlenty tells Politico that he has no thoughts of being anyone else’s running mate.

Bachmann for Prez Watch

Some Christian conservatives are lining up behind a possible Bachmann bid.

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