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Gov. Dayton will offically announce two more members of his administration. He picked Lucinda Jesson, a Hamline Law School professor and deputy attorney general, to run the Department of Human Services. The appointment was first reported by the Star Tribune. It may be the most difficult job in state governnent since DHS may be faced with dramatic budget cuts as Dayton and state lawmakers work to erase a $6.2 billion budget deficit.

Gov. Dayton also appointed DFL Rep. Tony Sertich to run Iron Range Resources. Sertich’s appointment, first reported by the Mesabi Daily News, is the first sitting lawmaker tapped by Dayton to run a state agency. The appointment means Dayton will have to call a special election to determine Sertich’s replacement in the Legisalture. I’m told the tentative plan is to hold the primary on February 1st and the general Election on February 15th.

Minnesota’s K12 schools earn mediocre marks. Expect that to be discussed at a House Education Committee hearing this morning that will focus on alternative teacher licensure.

A House Committee will meet today to discus a bill that would lift the moratorium on new nuclear power plant construction in the state.

House and Senate Republicans unveil a plan that they say will encourage job growth.

Gov. Dayton heads to northwestern Minnesota today to meet with “local businesses, county commissioners, and other local officials to discuss jobs, economic development and DNR-related issues.”

Gov. Dayton wants to meet with the Legislature and security personnel to discuss security at the State Capitol.

DFL Rep. Rick Hansen says he’s being pushed off of the Legacy Council.

Bond refinancing saved MnDOT $115 million through 2013.


A judge ordered the suspect in the Arizona shootings to be held without bail.

President Obama will travel to Arizona this week.

DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar and DFL Rep. Betty McCollum held public events on Monday.

DFL Rep. Tim Walz says he’s shaken by the attack on his friend.

GOP Rep. John Kline and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann also responded to the shooting.

Pawlenty for Prez Watch

Tim Pawlenty’s book is officially released today.

He appears on “The View” today.

Pawlenty also told the New York Times that Sarah Palin’s decision to use crosshairs to target Congressional Democrats is “not a device I would have used.”

He also talked with NPR this morning.

He told the St. Petersburg Times that he’s seriously considering a run for president.

Pawlenty will also have pizza with the College Republicans at George Washington University.

A new poll shows Pawlenty and Bachmann polling in single digits in Iowa.

Bachmann for Prez Watch

GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann’s PAC gave more money to Iowa candidates than any other state.

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    I feel very strongly that there be no further nuclear plant

    construction until completely secure waste disposal exists.

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