Senator rips Dayton Revenue appointment

The new chair of the Senate Taxes Committee is not happy with Gov. Mark Dayton’s pick to lead the state Revenue Department. It’s not so much a problem with Myron Frans, whom Dayton named yesterday, as with the fact that Frans says he can’t start the job until April.

Sen. Julianne Ortman, R-Chanhassen, issued a statement including this quote:

“This is not an appointment; it is inaction accompanied by a press release and an I.O.U from the Governor. We have a 6.2 billion dollar deficit, and a very strong disagreement between the Legislature and the Governor as to how to resolve it. ”

“Improving our business climate and putting Minnesotans back to work can’t wait until mid-April when Mr. Frans is available to do the job. We need department leaders in place that are ready, willing and able to join us in this effort.”

In announcing the appointment yesterday Dayton said:

“I regret that he [Frans] cannot join our Administration on a full-time basis immediately. However, I respect his need, as the CEO of a successful and growing business, to conclude those responsibilities properly. In the meantime, he will advise me on a voluntary part-time basis, and the Revenue Department will be very capably managed by former Commissioner and now Deputy Commissioner, Dan Salamone.”

Frans is president of Leeds Precision Instruments in Golden Valley.

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