Security meeting moved to next week

A planned meeting to discuss security at the Capitol has been moved to early next week. Governor Dayton said on Monday that he had hoped legislative leadership, the Legisaltiev Auditor, Capitol Security and the Attorney General could meet to discuss ways to improve security at the Capitol complex. He made the comments just two days after a shooting in Arizona killed six people and injured 19 others, including an Arizona Congresswoman.

Dayton spokeswoman Katharine Tinucci says scheduling problems forced the meeting to be pushed to early next week. Dayton said he hopes the meeting could merit ways to improve security at the State Capitol without discouraging public access. A report by the Legislative Auditor in 2009 said the State Capitol Complex is “vulnerable” to security breaches.

  • Larry Frehse

    It isn’t hard to believe that a tragic shooting 1700 miles away would inspire the Governor to think about his security. Isn’t he the first (only??) congressman to high tail out of Washington D.C. after 9/11?