Met Council: A cast of hundreds

The rush is on for aspirants to the Metropolitan Council. The Secretary of State’s office today listed 222 names among applicants to the 17-member council. Habitat for Humanity executive Susan Haigh has already been named as chair. Sixteen others serve in specific districts “at the pleasure of the governor.”

We asked for the list this afternoon, and found some familiar names: former legislators Sandy Rummel, Edwina Garcia and Connie Bernardy; former Minneapolis city council president Jackie Cherryhomes, one-time St. Paul mayoral aspirant Jay Benanav, and Roseville mayor John Kysylycsn; St. Paul planning and economic development director Cecil Bedor; one-time DFL chair Mike Erlandson, one-time Republican U.S. Senate contender Bert McKasy, as well as Met Council vets like Kris Sanda, Peggy Leppik, Natalie Steffen, Bob McFarlin, Polly Bowles, Lynette Wittsack, Sherry Broecker, Wendy Wulff and Rick Aguilar.

Here’s the full list, with apparent duplicate names removed.

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