Hot dish!

Nothing kicks off the new Congress like a little hot dish. At least that’s what DFL Sen. Al Franken is hoping. Franken is hosting several of his colleagues in Minnesota’s Congressional delegation on Wednesday with a little hot dish competition.

Franken proposed the competition as a way to “bring the delegation together at the start of the new session to celebrate Minnesota before tackling the issues facing the state.”

Franken’s office says Franken, DFL Sen. Amy Klobuchar, DFL Rep. Tim Walz, DFL Rep. Betty McCollum, DFL Rep. Keith Ellison and GOP Rep. Michele Bachmann will all submit Hot Dish recipes on behalf of their offices.

The food will then be blind taste tested by former Congressmen Vin Weber (R-Minn.) and Gerry Sikorski (D-Minn.), and MinnPost reporter Derek Wallbank.

Minnesota State Society member Megan Ivory Carr will tally the votes and announce the winner.

Side Note: No word on whether the members of the delegation will lobby the two lobbyists to vote their way or press the journalist on the panel to give up his information before the official announcement.

Franken’s office is also hoping that the event becomes an annual tradition.

No word on whether anyone is bringing antacid.

  • Has Vicky Kline’s Minnesota Wild Rice Casserole been excluded since it was featured in “The Congressional Club Cookbook” – 14th edition ?

  • Dan

    If a Tater-Tot Hot Dish doesn’t win, then they should all be impeached!

  • Chris

    Of course a winner update that with the hot new sweet potato tater tots, or “sweet potater tots” as my friend Scott calls them.

  • rick kopp

    Lutefisk, of course!